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Clitmas Balls- Crochet Clitoris Christmas Ball (handmade)

Clitmas Balls- Crochet Clitoris Christmas Ball (handmade)

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Handmade Clitoral Christmas Balls

Bring some feminine power and empowerment into your Christmas decorations this year with our unique Clitmas Balls ! These handmade clitoris Christmas baubles are an ode to the female anatomy and a symbol of feminism.

Made with love and high quality yarn

Made from the finest Egyptian mercerized cotton, these clitoral baubles offer not only a firm structure, but also an incredibly soft texture. The material gives a subtle shine that will shine beautifully in the light of your Christmas tree.

Sustainable and with the OEKO-TEX® quality mark

What makes this clitoris bauble even more special is the fact that they are made with sustainable yarn. The OEKO-TEX® quality mark guarantees that no harmful substances have been used during production and that the yarn has been produced in an environmentally friendly manner. This way you can enjoy your Christmas decorations without worrying about negative impact on people and the environment.

Own your femininity with our Clitmas Balls!

Our Clitmas Balls are more than just decoration; they represent feminine sensuality, empowerment and pleasure. By adding them to your Christmas tree, you not only create a unique look, but you also help spread positivity and inclusivity during the holidays.

So what are you waiting for? Add some feminine fun to your Christmas celebration with our Clitmas Balls - a real eye-catcher on any tree!

Most important features:

  • Handmade Christmas baubles
  • Anatomically correct clitoris
  • Approximately 12cm x 10cm
  • Made from Egyptian mercerized cotton
  • Sustainable yarn
  • OEKO-TEX® quality mark

Because these are handmade and go in chronological order, you should take into account a shipping time of approximately 1-10 working days.

Choose your own color combination:

Select 'custom color' and email us the desired colors after placing your order. The available colors can be found at the back of the product photos. Here you can also find an image of the Christmas bauble with the numbers 1,2 and 3. Then email us for example: 1 - (desired color), 2 - (desired color) etc...

You can email us at:

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