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Sexy Halloween Outfit Ideas For Creepy Role Play


Sexy Halloween Outfit Ideeën Voor Griezelend Rollenspel - Yonifyer

Halloween, the commemoration of the dead. A night in which you see witches, vampires and other creeps passing by.

Besides being your chance to scare people, it's also a great opportunity to inject some tension into your relationship. Put on your creepiest sexy costume and have the most exciting night of your life!

Here are a few ideas for a sexy Halloween role-playing game:

Miss Dracula
1. Miss Dracula

Who are you going to turn into a vampire on Halloween? Transform yourself into Grafin Dracula, and seduce your partner with this sexy look. Leather, lace and latex are always good and don't forget your cape. Put on a black wig to make it just that little bit extra dark and voilà! Not exciting enough yet? Use edible blood with a nice taste. You can decide for yourself what you can use this for...


2. Beauty and the Bones

Never before has a skeleton been so sexy. Wear a body or bodysuit with a skeleton on it or use your powder naked body as a canvas for a spectacular body paint. Go crazy and use 'glow in the dark paint' for this. This saves you and time, because you don't have to undress and you can't be missed on this dark evening...

3. Hot Witch

No, I'm not talking about the kind of witch with a big mole on her nose. There are many different fairy tales with many different types of witches. Which fairy tale inspires you and transforms you into your sexy interpretation of it? Will you go for Maleficent and put on a lace bodysuit or will you go for a sexy suit and dress up as the evil queen from Snow White? Enchant him with your sexy tricks or throw in a little kink. Hot witch could be a good choice if you want to grab some BDSM attributes for this evening.

4. Sexy Devil

Secretly you are already a little devil, and you know it. That's why this outfit fits you perfectly! Nothing is sexier than a woman in red. Spice things up and opt for latex. Tonight you are in control and it will be begging at your feet. Also in this role you could very well throw in some BDSM. There are red latex attributes that fit perfectly with this outfit. Tease him and build up the suspense, because don't forget... as the devil you are in charge!


5. Deanery Targaryen

You can go either way with this look. Nothing is sexier than you and your partner's body, just covered in bits of leather and faux fur. Do you want to be the dominant one in this game or are you more in the mood to be dominated by your sexy guy like Khal Drogo? You can go either way. This look is a fun couples look for Halloween for in and out of the bedroom!

Captain Hook
6. Captain Hook

Who are you hooking tonight? This outfit is simple but sexy! You can go a long way with a white blouse and a corset. Add another coin scarf, fishnet tights and long boots and the look is complete. Never before have scars been so ferociously attractive as you can rock them with this outfit. Buy those fake scars and stick them on your cheek or chest. There are also many nice accessories that you can add to this look. Think of: a sword, pistol, hook, parrot, eye patch or a pirate hat. Tease him with your sword across his body and conquer his ship, because tonight you're in charge!

Which outfit is your favourite?


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