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7 voordelen van een cockring + handleiding 💍🍆 - Yonifyer

Of all the thousands of great sex toys out there, very few are actually made for penis owners. Nevertheless, the penis rings, also known as cock rings, can be an addition to your sex life. And by that we don't just mean for you? No! Because a cock ring is also an interesting addition for your partner! 

It may not surprise you at this point, but a cock ring is a ring that goes around the cock. Whether it's a real or a dildo, it doesn't matter because in both cases it can provide even better and more intense orgasms. The penis ring can also be used as an aid for men with erection problems. 

But first, what exactly is a cock ring?

The cock ring is a ring that is made to put over the penis (in some cases also around the scrotum). During an erection, the cavernous bodies in the penis fill with blood. The cock ring is intended to slightly pinch the penis so that the blood can flow into the penis, but can no longer leave. This with the intention of making the erection harder, to hold it longer and to come less quickly. 

Although pinching the penis does not sound very positive ... people experience many benefits from using such a penis ring. Cock rings also feel pleasant for both the penis owner and their partners. 

But now… so what are the benefits of using a cock ring?

1. Stronger and longer erections 

We had already explained above why that is, but using a penis ring ensures harder and longer erections in men. This is pleasant for both the man and his partner.

2. Your partner can also enjoy 

Firstly, this is because the man can go on longer when he wears a cock ring. This increases the woman's chance of having an orgasm. Secondly, the penis becomes harder, allowing it to reach sensitive areas better and to hit the G-spot more easily. In addition, there are many vibrating ones that provide even more intensity, which both can enjoy.

3. More intense orgasms 

The (slight) pinching of the penis increases the sensitivity around the genitals. This ensures that touches feel extra sensitive and nice and therefore ultimately ensures a more intense orgasm.

4. A cock ring can help with erectile dysfunction 

Put a ring on it! Because yes… believe it or not, rock rings are the perfect tool for men with erectile dysfunction. If you have problems keeping an erection stiff and long, a penis ring might be the solution for you.

5. It can give the man a confidence boost

Because yes, you might assume that men are never insecure, but they certainly are. Especially when it comes to performance in bed. Is he maybe too small or am I coming too fast? The cock ring is the perfect sex toy to give him some extra confidence. 

6. The cock ring is multifunctional 

Put one on your finger or hold it in your palms while you play with your partner and discover her or his erogenous zones. Our bodies are full of erotically charged areas that are just waiting to be explored and stimulated! 

7. Let your favorite dildo vibrate 

As we mentioned briefly at the beginning, the cock ring can also be placed around a dildo. The ring will also make your dildo vibrate, adding even more fun! 

How can you use a cock ring safely?

Before you start using a cock ring, it might be useful to know the following first:

1. Start with a stretchy ring. 

There are many types of cock rings, made of all kinds of different materials such as: silicone or metals. While some may look nicer and cooler, we recommend - especially if it's your first time - to start with a stretchy ring made of silicone. 

2. In this case…size does matter! 

Don't take this too lightly, because finding the right cock ring is the same as choosing the right size shoes. It is important to choose the right size, because a ring that is too small can cause pain and even damage. That's why the stretchy ones are so nice...unless of course you like the more extreme things in the bedroom.

3. Never use it for more than 20 minutes 

This is important to keep it safe and prevent any pain, numbness and damage to the penis. 

4. Use lubricant with it

Lubricant is the way to get your cock ring on and off easily. Check in advance what material your ring consists of. If the ring is made of silicone, you should always use water-based lubricant. Silicone-based lubricant can otherwise damage your toy. 

5. Apply the ring in a flaccid state 

If you wait until the penis is already completely erect, you may have a problem getting the ring on. It is best to place the ring over the penis when it is flaccid or semi-erect. This also prevents discomfort. 

We are curious about your experience with cock rings. Let us know below! That way we can learn from each other. 💕

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