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Hoe kies ik het juiste seksspeeltje? | We geven tips! - Yonifyer

There are so many different sex toys out there! On the one hand, this is of course very nice and nice, because there is always something new to discover and there is something for everyone's wishes. On the other hand, this sometimes also makes choosing the right toy a bit difficult. Because how do you know which of those thousand toys meets your needs?

Especially for people who have never bought a sex toy, sometimes they get overwhelmed and don't know where to start. This even sometimes leads to people just not getting started. We think this is a shame, because sex toys can mean so much to you and your sex life!

To help you on your way, we have listed a number of things below that are important for you and choosing the right toy.

First of all .... which sex toys are there and what are they used for?


  • Clitoral Vibrators ➨ As you might expect, these are specially made to stimulate the clitoris through vibrations. Often the shape is made in such a way that they provide targeted stimulation of that clitoris and they cannot be used for penetration. Perfect if you don't like to be stimulated internally by a toy. This type of vibrator also comes in many different forms, each of which can stimulate the clitoris in its own way.
  • G-spot vibrators ➨ These are specially made to discover and stimulate the G-spot. The G-spot is the internal part of the clitoris that can be stimulated from the vaginal wall. If you stimulate this, it ensures a long, deep and intense orgasm. G-spot vibrators always have a special shape with a kind of curvature, so that this toy reaches the G-spot well and can stimulate it. Often these toys can also be used to stimulate the external part of the clitoris and vulva.
  • Double vibrators ➨ These stimulate both the external and internal part (G-spot) of the clitoris. This double stimulation ensures that achieving an orgasm becomes even easier and you can experience different types of orgasms. It is also possible with a little experimentation to even have a double orgasm. These toys consist of a part (shaft) that you insert into the vagina and a part that rests on the clitoris. The shaft stimulates the G-spot and the other part stimulates the clitoris. These toys are often also a bit flexible, so that everyone can get them in the right place. The functions can usually also be operated separately, so that you can use the functions together or separately.
  • Air pressure vibrators ➨ Unlike normal vibrators, this vibrator works through the innovative air pressure technique. With this technique, the clitoris is gently sucked in by means of pulsations on air pressure technique. This feeling cannot be compared to that of ordinary vibrators. Many women find this sucking sensation much more satisfying and more like the feeling of real oral sex .
  • Wand vibrators ➨ This toy resembles a microphone and can also be used as a massage device. This toy is known for its strength and is very popular with women who like a bit more intense stimulation. So if you are looking for a powerful toy, then you are in the right place with the Wand Vibrator. These sex toys have very deep and strong vibrations, which can be varied in intensity from subtle to very intense!
  • Couple vibrators ➨ Are you looking for a vibrating toy that both you and your partner can enjoy? Then take a look at the couple toys. Couple toys is a collective name for all sex toys that can be used together. These are toys that you can use during penetration and then stimulate both the penis and clitoris. In addition to these, you also have toys that the woman can insert and the partner can control via a wireless remote control. These types of couple toys are perfect for couples who like to look up the excitement or like to let go of the strings.
  • Anal vibrators ➨ These are sex toys that are specially intended to stimulate the anus. These toys are used by both women and men, because there are many nerve endings in the anus that can cause sexual arousal. In men, it is even the case that the prostate can be stimulated through the anus and thus get a P-spot orgasm. The vibrations not only provide a wonderful sensation, but also ensure that the sphincter muscles relax. Anal vibrators are therefore also perfect to use before you and your partner start anal sex!
  • (Vibrating) Cockrings ➨ Cockrings are used to give the penis a longer and firmer erection. The ring is in fact around the penis (and balls), so that the blood in the erectile tissue is retained. The cock ring is a favorite for people with an erection problem, but also for partners. This is because the partner can enjoy extra and longer stimulation. Especially with the vibrating cock rings you and your partner can enjoy even more. The vibrations can be felt by the penis and clitoris!


A dildo is a sex toy, usually in the shape of a real penis. This toy can be placed in the vagina and anus and feels almost as real as a real penis. You have them in all colors, shapes and sizes and are made of a material that feels lifelike. This material also heats up quickly, which makes it feel even more real. They often have a strong suction cup, so you can fix your dildo on the floor or against the wall. This toy is very popular with people who like the "real deal" and like to be able to make the movements themselves without having to use their hands. You can go wild just like real sex. Unlike the vibrator, most dildos do not vibrate.

Anal Toys

In addition to anal vibrators, you also have many other anal toys to stimulate the anus and prostate. There are: butt plugs, anal chains or beads. The back is often provided with a flat part so that the toy cannot slip inside.

  • Anal beads ➨ Is often a necklace with beads that penetrate the anus. You also have beads with ascending size beads, making them perfect for beginners. If you are more experienced, you also have beads with a size more or with balls and a special structure. These are more difficult to insert.
  • Butt plugs ➨ These are the most famous anal toys and are a real classic. You can recognize this toy by its shape. Namely a flat bottom, a round waist and a narrow top. These are available in different sizes and in different materials. The butt plugs made of silicone are often used among beginners and are soft and lighter. The steel butt plugs feel a bit heavier when they are in you and are often used more by the more experienced in this area.
  • Prostate stimulators ➨ Are toys that are specially made to stimulate the P-spot, which is located between the anus and the scrotum. This area has a lot of nerve endings in the male. These stimulators have a special shape to reach and stimulate the P-spot.


Masturbators are sex toys especially for men and usually have the opening of a vagina, mouth and anus. They are often packaged in a discreet housing, so you cannot see from the outside that it is a sex toy. These masturbators try to mimic the feeling of real penetration or oral sex as much as possible. The structure on the inside is usually with ridges and dots, which makes it feel even more real. You also have automatic masturbators so you can enjoy hands-free. These often also have air pressure and heat technology.

Now that you know what's out there, you might already have an idea of ​​what you like. It is also important to always ask yourself a few questions. Here are a few questions for you to think about:

  • What do I want to stimulate? The clitoris ? My G Spot? Both? Me anus, my penis or prostate?
  • Do I want a toy that vibrates or not? Does vibration seem finer to me or air pressure?
  • Do I want external stimulation or internal stimulation? Or both? And do I want this at the same time or not?
  • Would I like to experiment and discover my G-spot?
  • Do I want to use my toy alone, or together?
  • Do I want subtle stimulation or more intense?
  • Do I want a toy that I can also use in the shower?
  • Do I like a smaller toy or something with a bit more size?
  • Do I want a toy that is realistic or not?

You may end up buying a toy that doesn't live up to your expectations. This happens to everyone sometimes. Even though this is a pity and a waste of your money, you have learned something. In this way you learn something new every time about yourself and your body and you experience what works for you and what doesn't. Finding the right toy is sometimes quite a journey of discovery, but a journey of discovery in which you learn a lot!

Below is a schedule you could use:

I am a woman and I am looking


Stimulate the clitoris Clitoris vibrators , Air pressure vibrators , Wand vibrators
Stimulating the G-spot G-spot vibrators , Double vibrators , Tarzan Vibrators
Train the pelvic floor Vagina balls , Vibrating eggs
To penetrate G-spot vibrators , Double vibrators , Dildos
Toy for anal use anal toys
A toy for massages Wand vibrators
Toy for double stimulation Double vibrators

We are a COUPLE and we are looking for


Toy to use at the same time Dual vibrators
A toy to stimulate her extra during sex Toys as an extra during sex
Toys can be operated remotely Vibration eggs with remote control , Panty vibrators with remote control
Toys that can be operated with an app Vibration egg

I am looking for a GIFT / PAMPERING PACKAGE


With kinky toys Kinky gift sets
Erotic toys Toys set


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