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How to use Kit from The Oh Collective⁉️ | Tips & Tricks


Hoe gebruik je Kit van The Oh Collective⁉️ | Tips & Tricks - Yonifyer

Kit by The Oh Collective , is designed with the diversity of different bodies in mind - it is flexible and can adapt to any body and desires. In addition, Kit is also called the "modern rabbit vibrator" because it stimulates your G-spot and clitoris at the same time, for a more intense and satisfying experience.

Kit has already sold out three times and has been quoted by Cosmopolitan as "The Sensation of 2022." Experience it for yourself and discover new pleasure experiences. Developed, selected and tested by people with vulvas, for everyone!😍

But how do you use Kit?

You can use Kit to stimulate the vulva or other erogenous zones, for penetration (gspot stimulation) and to experience double pleasure. The latter can be done by bending the "cat's head" in such a way that it simultaneously stimulates the clitoris and the G spot. This modern rabbit vibrator has a flexible body, especially to be adapted to everyone's body and wishes. It is also waterproof and therefore perfect for taking a bath or shower!

Tips & Tricks:

Tips & tricks - kit 1

Up & Down

Use the "cat's head" to go around the vulva. Stimulate next to the clitoris, the U-zone and the labia and discover which places all feel good. The cat's head vibrates less intensely than the other extreme (where the motor is located) and is therefore perfect for slowly building up excitement or for people who are very sensitive.

Sweet Circles

Choose one of the extremes and make circles around the clitoris, this will guarantee a climax! Choose the cat head for subtle stimulation and the bulbous end if you like more intense stimulation. Switch between light and hard pressure to tease and drive the citoris wild.

Tips & Tricks - Kit 2

In & out

Insert Kit - with the bulbous side - into the vagina and move it in and out, while trying to hit your g-spot with the vibrating part. Discover from which angle to move Kit to get past your sensitive spots and experience a G-spot orgasm!

Dip & Slide

Insert the cat's head and aim it at the G-spot (about 3 to 5 cm deep in the vagina on the abdominal wall side). Bend Kit so that the bulbous part can touch the clitoris. Move this part left and right along the clitoris. This also gives double pleasure, but in a different way!

Double Pleasure

Bring the bulbous end in and bend the other end so that the cat's head rests on the clitoris. This ensures that the G-spot is stimulated with deep vibrations while at the same time the cat's head gently vibrates on the clitoris. This ensures double pleasure!

Product specifications: Product Specifications - Kit

4 ways to please you with Kit

  1. Explore your erogenous zones
  2. Explore your positions: lie flat on your back or stomach, spread your legs wide or keep them closed or crossed. Discover what you like.
  3. Explore with your partner: use kit during foreplay and stimulate each other's erogenous zones.
  4. Take Kit into the shower/bath for new sensations

Examine your erogenous zones - kit

Discover and stimulate your erogenous zones

Use Kit to go through all the erogenous zones of your body and find out what turns you on. Experiment with both sides to see which stimulates you best.

Internal and External Stimulation Kit

Stimulate the clitoris both externally and internally (g-spot)

Choose external or internal stimulation, but both are also possible! Check out our tips & tricks for inspiration!
use for partner play - kit

Use Kit together with your partner: during foreplay or during sex

Kit is not only fun for solo play but is also a nice addition during sex with your partner! Because of her shape she is easy to hold, to give your clitoris extra stimulation. Of course it's also fun to tease your partner and visit his or her erogenous zones!


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