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  • Cut your nails. Sharp nails can feel painful. The skin of the vagina is sensitive and fragile, where your sharp nails can cause wounds. Ouch!
  • Focus on the clitoris (external & internal). Turn circles, give light pats and gently stroke her over and around her clitoral glans. Massage the G-spot by making the 'come here' motion.
  • Use your whole body to connect with her. Kiss her, whisper in her ear and hold her tight while your fingers are inside her.
  • Take everything with you. Don't just focus on her clitoris or penetrating the vagina. Also caress her labia and massage her breasts, nipples, buttocks or the inside of her thighs.
  • Communicate with her. Ask her what she likes and pay attention to her body language. If she opens her legs more, moans louder and moves her body towards you, then you are doing well.


  • Don't go crazy. Be tender. Don't go in and out like crazy and don't press too hard on the clitoris. Examine her outer and inner parts gently.
  • Don't dry it. Don't expect her to be wet right away, so always have lube on hand. Fingering her dry hurts and can cause wounds.
  • Don't focus too much on wanting to make her come as quickly as possible. This isn't about you, it's about her and you need to give her time to enjoy herself and not feel rushed. This is counterproductive.
  • Don't change her rhythm if her body clearly indicates that she is enjoying herself. It really sucks to change or stop just before she reaches climax.

📸 credit: @dreamcollage

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