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Abrasive thighs are a thing of the past with these 6 TIPS


Schurende bovenbenen zijn verleden tijd met deze 6 TIPS - Yonifyer

The days are warmer and we are bare-legged again. Nothing is more annoying than chafing thighs when wearing a nice dress or cool shorts. Bumps or abrasions then appear and they hurt!

Chafing thighs don't just happen to curvy women. In addition, round thighs, hips and buttocks are super sexy and nothing to be ashamed of. LOVE YOUR CURVES, ladies! Unfortunately, that includes the discomfort of chafing thighs, but luckily there are plenty of solutions that allow you to enjoy the hot days carefree.

Below are a number of tips to prevent the friction between your thighs!

puissante - hostage

#1 - Lubricant

Maybe not the first thing that comes to mind, but if you think about it, it makes perfect sense. Lubricant can ensure that your thighs slide past each other extra well without chafing.

Water-based lubricant
Advantage : these are less sticky
Disadvantage : is quickly absorbed by the skin, so you have to apply more often

easyglide - silicone lubricant
Example: Easy Glide

Silicone based lubricant
Pros: Stays on for a long time
Cons: lubricant

aia - natural lubricant
Example: Aia natural lubricant

deolene - deodorant stick

#2 - Deodorant stick

Alcohol-free deodorant has the same effect as an anti-chafing cream. Make sure you use a stick and not a roller or spray. You should also make sure that the deodorant is antiperspirant. The less you sweat, the less damp your legs are and the less they chafe. Useful!

Popular deo stick brands:
- Deolene

Easy to take anywhere

You have to reapply it regularly.

aia - natural massage oil
#3 - Lotions and massage oil

Various lotions, massage oils and creams can help. Think of coconut oil, vaseline or body lotion. These remedies will eventually penetrate the skin. So it doesn't work that long.

These products can easily be carried in your bag

It is quickly absorbed by the skin

talcum powder etos
#4 - Talcum Powder

You can use talcum powder for baby bottoms, but you can also powder it on your chafing thighs. This panacea ensures that the skin becomes drier. Be careful with your clothes when applying!

Benefit: The powder absorbs moisture, keeping your legs dry
Disadvantage: Quickly makes a mess with application and can therefore stain your clothes. This is also less easy to apply if you are somewhere and it happens to have worked out.

Swiss talcum powder

Example 1: Zwitsal baby talcum powder - if you want to smell like baby bottoms
lush underwear powder

Example 2: LUSH Silky Underwear Dusting Powder - made especially for chafing thighs

biker shorts
#5 - Biker shorts

Cycling shorts or corrective underwear save you a lot of misery: the shorts prevent skin-to-skin contact, so your legs don't rub against each other. You already have such pants for a few euros.

Cheap and you don't have to worry for the rest of the day

Maybe you get extra warm on whole days, because it is extra fabric on your body.

Example: Zeeman Bikers Short - nice and cheap! Buy a few right away so you always have a clean one to put on.

thigh bands
#6 - Thigh bands

Thigh bands have the same effect as cycling shorts and corrective underwear. You place them around your thighs and you can decide for yourself how high you want to wear them.

You can determine the place yourself and you don't have to wear a pair of pants

Some variants suffer from rolling over.

lace thigh bands hunkemoller
Example 1: Lace thigh bands - looks sexy too
basic thigh straps - hunkemoller
Example 2: Basic thigh straps

Do you have any other tips? Share them with us!


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