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Soul Sucker Bundle

Soul Sucker Bundle

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The Soul Sucker Bundle - for oral sex lovers!

Are you addicted to double pleasure and can't get enough of oral sex? Then we have the perfect duo for you! Meet the Yonifyer 2.0 and the Bella Rose Deluxe - Air Pressure + G-spot Vibrator, our best-selling toys that together save a lot of money.

These two toys both target the clitoris and G-spot, but they both do it in their own unique way. These two complement each other perfectly, making every experience completely different and new places and sensations are discovered every time.

Whether you just want to give yourself some extra love or want to make your girlfriend happy, this duo is the ideal gift for you or someone else.

The contents of the Soul Sucker Bundle:

The Yonifyer 2.0 - Your Ultimate Pleasure Partner:

  • Clitoris + G-spot stimulation
  • 10 air pressure settings
  • 10 vibration modes
  • Let you enjoy hands-free
  • Gives the sensational feeling of oral sex while simultaneously massaging your G-spot
  • Also has 10 tapping modes that gently tap your G-spot and provide extra stimulation.

Bella Rose Deluxe - Air Pressure + G-spot Vibrator:

  • Neutral and women-friendly design
  • Triple stimulation for the ultimate climax
  • Clitoris + G-spot stimulation
  • 10 air pressure settings + 10 vibration + impact settings
  • Hits the G-spot easily
  • Flexible and can be operated separately
  • Enjoy hands-free

Pair & Save!

This duo is everything you need to pamper yourself and has everything you need to take your intimate adventures to new heights. So what are you waiting for? Order the Perfect Duo now and give yourself or your girlfriend an unforgettable experience. Double the fun guaranteed!

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