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The Firefighter Clitoral Vibrator - Smile Makers

The Firefighter Clitoral Vibrator - Smile Makers

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The clitoral vibrator.
The Firefighter is not just a clitoral vibrator. This innovative clitoral stimulator goes one step further: it redefines external play for totally explosive orgasms.

Get ready for fireworks
A flame-shaped head that you can rely on to hit all the hotspots. It's guaranteed to give you goosebumps.

The old flame you always come back to
The Firefighter comes with four speeds and two pulsation modes. Stay soft and sensual, or ramp things up with intense rumbling. And believe us when we say it's as quiet as it gets.

How to use
The Firefighter

  • Discover different sensations and intensities using the round nose to massage the clitoral gland. Then use the flame-shaped head to extend the rhythmic pulsations to the surrounding labia and unlock additional orgasmic thrills.
  • Use The Firefighter to increase the intensity of partner play. Stimulate the clitoris during penetrative sex and you might even get there faster – and feel it a lot more intensely.
  • Take a leaf out of the tantric sex book. Once you have an orgasm, ground yourself by holding the flame of The Firefighter at a lower setting against the labia. Then get ready for rounds 2 and 3...

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