Clitoris Stimulation with Chi | Air pressure with 3 interchangeable mouths

Clitoris Stimulation with Chi | Air pressure with 3 interchangeable mouths

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The Chi - Clitoris Stimulation with Air Pressure is ideal for 'pleasure mapping' on your body and helps with edging.

Chi stands for " life force and vitality" and guarantees a feeling of ecstasy that you have never experienced before.

How is the clitoris stimulated with Chi?

Chi works through pulsating air pressure waves and interchangeable mouths that envelop the clitoris and gently "suck" inward. This provides wonderful stimulation of the clitoris and boosts the feeling of real oral sex.

What is the intensity of this suction toy?

Our community commented that most air pressure vibrators can be "too intense," so Chi's gentlest setting is subtle, quiet, and pleasant. With the "booster button" you can then boost your pleasure from "subtle" to "intense".

Made for everyone's body

Chi is also made of the softest silicone for a wonderfully soft feel. The 3 different attachments give you the opportunity to find the sensation that suits your body.


Go on a journey of discovery with the exploration cards

Chi also comes with a set of "Sex Exploration Cards" that will get you (and your partner) in the mood with the most exciting and fun challenges - because we believe that self-exploration is not just an on/off experience.

In short: are you looking for a feeling of empowerment and control over your own pleasure? Then Chi is definitely recommended 🚀✨.

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