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Arousel Serum | Lady Products

Arousel Serum | Lady Products

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Dame's Arousal Serum is a pH-balanced formula with natural ingredients that awakens your clitoris with a warm tingle. One pump raises consciousness, stimulates nerve endings and heightens pleasure.

Completely vegan
Our water-based, vegan, pH-balanced serum is derived from peppermint, ginger, and cinnamon. No weird, unreadable ingredients!

Peppermint oil
Cools and stimulates, for an exciting sensation.

Cinnamon Bark Oil Extract
Increases circulation and blood flow to the vulva.

Ginger essential oil

Antimicrobial and warming when applied topically.

Adds sparkle where you notice it most
Dame's Arousal Serum gives a warm feeling to increase intimacy, intensify orgasms and enliven your mind-body connection. Just enough spice to make you say "Oh... whoa".

A pleasure to use
This lickable serum has an earthy scent and feels silky smooth. It leaves your vulva feeling soft and supple - never greasy or sticky.
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