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SORAYA Beads™ - Anal Beads Massager | LELO

SORAYA Beads™ - Anal Beads Massager | LELO

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SORAYA Beads™ is a gender-neutral anal bead stimulator designed for people new to anal play.

Anal vibrator with unique design

The unique stepped design of this Anal Beads Massager aims to stimulate the sensitive nerve endings in and around the anus for a new kind of orgasmic sensation, starting with the smallest bead, followed by three progressively larger ones.

Anal beads with thrusting sensation

All this is possible thanks to the innovative Bow-Motion technology, inspired by the masterful movements of violinists, where all the beads work in harmony to create a thrusting sensation without the thrusting motion.

How does the Bow-Motion technique of the SORAYA Beads™ work?

The Bow-Motion technology embedded in SORAYA Beads™ provides smooth and enjoyable anal play that surpasses any other device, thanks to its stepped design. Vibrations are evenly distributed over the entire insertion area and transmitted to your body through each individual bead. This way there is no loss of intensity, just an all-encompassing pleasurable feeling.

This technology is inspired by the masterful movements of violinists, where all the beads work in harmony to provide unprecedented anal satisfaction.

Anal beads for A-spot and P-spot stimulation

The pleasure of anal play with an Anal Bead Massager comes from the stimulation of the A-spot or the P-spot through a shared wall between the anal canal. You can use SORAYA Beads™ solo or during intercourse for an overwhelming sensation as the beads resonate, move and gently rub these pleasure zones.

Main product features:

  • 8 powerful vibrations
  • Gender neutral
  • 4 ascending anal beads
  • Vibrating anal beads
  • Beginner friendly
  • Bow motion technology
  • Thrusting sensation
  • Anal stimulation
  • A-spot and P-spot stimulation
  • For solo or couples play
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