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Panthra Zane Vagina Balls

Panthra Zane Vagina Balls

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Train your pelvic floor muscles with the Zane vaginal balls and enjoy more stimulation and more intense orgasms! The balls are easy to insert into the vagina with a little water-based lubricant. Because the pelvic floor muscles have to be tightened to keep the toy inside, the muscles are trained. Wear the toy daily for 20 minutes for best results. Both balls have counterweights on the inside that roll back and forth with every movement. As a result, they provide extra stimulation while wearing. Thanks to the drawstring, the balls are easy to remove after use. The balls can be removed from the silicone casing so that they can also be used separately. The Zane Vagina Balls come in a trendy hip/shoulder bag, so you can always discreetly take the toy with you and store it.

Clean the balls and the casing after each use with lukewarm water and toy cleaner.

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