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The Tennis Pro - Smile Makers

The Tennis Pro - Smile Makers

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The targeted G-spot vibrator.
This G-spot stimulator is your gateway to a whole world of penetrative play. Designed with an angled head and flexible neck, the universally loved design is a hit every time.

Game, set, you've met your match
The Tennis Pro runs on batteries, so you never have to wait again.

Spot-on stimulation
Completely waterproof for those hot and steamy shower sessions – and equipped with a powerful motor that does all the hard work – unlocking the pleasures of G-spot orgasms has never been easier. Or more fun...

How to use
The Tennis Pro:

  • Start building excitement. Try using the head of The Tennis Pro to stimulate clitoral glans, massage the vulva and tease the nerve endings at the entrance to the vagina.
  • Meet those four speeds and two pulsation modes. Massage the G area (the erogenous zone on the front wall of the vagina) with the round head facing forward.
  • G spot stimulation is different for us all – and can even change over time, too. So just lie back and lean into the fact it keeps you on your toes. The Tennis Pros here to help you swirl, thrust and tease your way to the top.

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