Collection: Puissante

Sexual well-being is part of their overall well-being, and Puissante wants women to allow themselves to feel good in their minds and bodies. These subjects have received too little attention for far too long. Yet masturbation is more than just a beneficial practice. In addition to providing a deep sense of well-being, it allows us to (re) connect with ourselves , to get in touch with our intimacy , to discover and know ourselves , to know what we do and what we don't like it and to pass it on to others. "We want all women to be free to use their bodies, their sexuality and to choose the life they want to lead." Marie-Claire Moraldo, founder of the association Having a sex toy is first and foremost taking time for yourself. Take time to know yourself. To discover yourself. And while pleasure is a given when you use it, it's not the only thing that comes from it. On the contrary.