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Waarom vrouwen moeten masturberen | Verbreek het taboe! - Yonifyer
Women masturbate too! 💥 Of course we already knew this... but still some people are still very mysterious or crazy about it when you bring it up. This shows that the taboo is even bigger than we think. 💭

And why??? Everyone does it, it's completely normal, even very healthy and you can learn a lot from it.🤓 🎓❤️‍🔥

There is so much to gain, especially for women. Due to a lack of knowledge and a sense of shame, many women don't get the most out of their sex life 🙁

A large part of the female "pleasure organ" is located internally and surrounds the vaginal wall. Because a part is hidden inside, it is more difficult for women to have an orgasm (through penetration).

By masturbating and exploring yourself, you can get to know your body better and find out what feels good to you and what you need to reach that climax.

Getting to know your body better not only makes you more confident in bed, but you can also tell your partner what you like and need.

So masturbating is not only good for your #selflove and #bodylove ... but it also takes your sex life to the next level 📈🔥

The Yonifyer, the Bella Rose Deluxe and The Jane to my Tarzan Vibrator are toys that can help you very well in this journey of discovery. They not only stimulate the external part of the clitoris through air pressure, but also the part of the clitoris that is hidden inside through vibrations. Also get to know your sensitive spot inside and experience a new kind of orgasm 🎆

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