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The 5 best sex positions where the woman is in control!🤠🔥


De 5 beste seksstandjes waarbij de vrouw in controle is !🤠🔥 - Yonifyer
When the woman is in control, she is in charge of her own pleasure. This way she can decide for herself how fast or how deep it should go, making it easier for her to have an orgasm. We give you the 5 best positions to do this.
the octopus sex position yonifyer

1. The Octopus

How does it work:
He lies down on the bed (or other surface) and leans on his forearms, raising his upper body slightly. In addition, he spreads his legs a little and slightly bends his knees. You face him, place on his lap and gently slide the penis into you. Then place your lower legs on his shoulders and move your hips back and forth or make circles and eights.

Why does this work?
This position gives you deep penetration . The further the man leans back, the deeper the penetration gets. Because you have the control to move your hips yourself, you can feel how your G-spot is stimulated, which increases the chance of an orgasm. Furthermore, in this position he has the opportunity to stimulate you a little extra , for example by massaging your clit.
the lotus sex position yonifyer

2. The Lotus

How does it work:
He sits in the lotus position (legs crossed and both heels on the opposite knee). You - with your face towards him - take place on his lap and gently let him slide inside you, folding your legs around him. Tighten your kegel muscles and rock your pelvis from back to front.

Why it works:
By tightening the kegel muscles and moving the hips back and forth, the G-spot is touched and massaged. The man can also easily go along with the movement. Furthermore, it is of course a super intimate position , where you can hug, caress and kiss each other.
the (reversed) cowgirl yonifyer

3. CowGirl/ Reversed Cowgirl

How does it work:
Your lover is sprawled on his back and you kneel on top of him. You can choose to sit upright or bend over. Then you can move up and down , make rolling movements with your lower body or turn circles with your hips. Find what feels good and what movement or angle is needed to hit and simulate your G-spot .

Why it works:
This position works extremely well, because in this position the curvature of the penis comes along the G-spot . You also have the freedom and control to make the movements how it feels good for you. In this position, the man also comes a little less quickly and he has the opportunity to stimulate your clitoral .

the (reversed) lap dance sex position yonifyer

4. The (reversed) Lap dance

How does it work:
He'll sit comfortably on a chair while you stand with your back to him and let him slide in as you sit on his lap. Make upward movements at the pace you want. You can use his thighs to find support. Moreover, if it gets too heavy for a while, you can sit on his lap and turn your hips. This way you feel the penis move very deep inside you and pass the G-spot .

Why it works:
Because you are in control of the movements and speed, you can move how it feels best for you, which will most likely make you cum. Because the man in this position cannot really weigh in, the man in this position also comes less quickly, so you have longer time to enjoy.

queening sex position yonifyer

6. Queening

How does it work:
Very simple. The woman sits on her partner's face and then she enjoys how the partner spoils her orally . This position used to be reserved for nobility, but fortunately every woman can now enjoy this position.

Why it works:
Of course you already understand that. It is a very hot idea to sit on your partner's head, especially for people who like BDSM . This is because there is a bit of dominance and submissiveness . You can also easily use your hips in this position to control where your partner licks you. This way you can vary pressure and you have freedom of movement , giving you complete control over your own orgasm.

Which position is your favorite, where the woman is in control? Let us know below!

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