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What kind of vaginas (vulvas!) are there?

Welke soort vagina's (vulva's!) zijn er ? - Yonifyer

Many women are insecure about what their vagina looks like because they wonder if it looks 'normal' down there. But what is normal? Unfortunately, what we think of as "normal" is shaped by the vaginas we see in your textbook or porn. But I will reassure you, all all vaginas are normal! In fact, the vagina shown in porn is only found in a smaller percentage of women. And then I'll tell you again, that many women in the porn industry shrink their labia to look like this and so it's not a realistic picture of what a normal vagina should look like.

Before we go down the list, I want to come back to something. We always talk about vaginas, when the vagina is really just the internal part. If we want to talk about what our female genitals look like, we have to talk about what our vulvas look like. This is the external part of the female genital organ, the part that is visible.

Now that that's all clear, let's go down the list!


Type 1: Ms. Barbie:

The barbie vaginas or also called porn pussies look like what the perfect pussy looks like for many women and what is considered the most 'normal'. The inner labia are completely covered by the outer labia, making the inner piece of flesh invisible. Although this type of vulva is seen as the most ideal and perfect pussy, it is the least common! Don't be fooled by porn industry and nude pictures in magazines. Many of these women undergo surgery or photo editing for this.


Type 2: Ms. Curtains

Many women are ashamed of this type and think that it does not look neat or ugly. And while Ms. Curtains is the most common vulva and you could therefore call it the most 'normal' vagina. Perhaps you can already imagine an image from the name, but with this type of vulva, the inner labia protrude beyond the outer labia. It differs per person how far they protrude and what they exactly look like, because the inner labia are different per person!


Type 3: Ms. Puffs

Ms. At first glance, Puffs looks a bit like Ms. Barbie, but there is definitely a difference. In this vulva the (outer) labia are larger than those of the (outer) labia of Ms. Barbie and they also sit a bit lower. There is also some variation in this type due to the differences in the size and thickness of the labia. Some are full and firm and the others are thin and weaker. This type of vulva has nothing to do with the owner's age or weight.


Type 4: Ms. horseshoe

This vulva proudly shows her labia at the top, which is a bit wider. But she doesn't reveal herself completely. The end of the outer labia does cover the inner one. The name says it all, but this type of vulva has a horseshoe-like shape! How cool?! And nothing to be ashamed of!


Type 5: Ms. Tulip

Do you also love tulips? Well then you are lucky if you have this type of vulva. Ms. Tulip looks like a tulip or the bud of a flower that is starting to bloom. The inner labia are only slightly visible through the crack of the outer labia.

Gosh, if only we knew all this sooner! Then we first knew that we had been naming our sacred genitals wrong all along. We are not talking about the vagina when we talk about the visible part, but about our vulva. And furthermore, it would have saved many women a lot of insecurity and more love for our vulvas! It is important to get rid of the stigma 'normal', because no one is like the other and all different vulvas are therefore unique in their own way! So ladies don't forget to love your vagina (vulva) too!!

Grab a mirror and see how beautiful and special she is. Can you see which type your copy falls under?




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