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International Female Orgasm Day - Read everything you need to know here

International Female Orgasm Day - Lees hier alles wat je moet weten - Yonifyer

International Female Orgasm Day 2023: a day that encourages women to become more aware of their bodies and their right to sexual pleasure.

Did you wake up this morning feeling excited and tingly? Or woken up by your husband's tongue? No? That's crazy... because that should have been the case! August 8 is the official World Female Orgasm Day!

Why today and why didn't you know this before? Today we answer all your questions about this glorious day.

The emergence

Yes, this day is not just a holiday, but in Esperantia, Brazil, it is a real law passed in 2006 by councilor Armeteo Dantas. He designated August 8 as 'dia do orgasmo feminino' as a means to compensate for the 'sexual debt' he owed to his wife. So it started as a day to encourage men to please their wives and is now celebrated all over the world. In addition to this law, he further studied this topic and treated it as a matter of public health.

Dantas realized that women in particular were not satisfied with their sexuality and had difficulty reaching an orgasm and really enjoying themselves. A survey was even launched to investigate the matter further. According to statistics on global sexual behavior revealed that only a third of women experience an orgasm. British research also found that 58 percent of women regularly fake an orgasm for a variety of reasons, ranging from boredom and fatigue to wanting to end sex and protecting their partner's feelings. Dantas concluded that the situation needed to be changed as “a matter of public health” because of the health benefits of orgasm.

The purpose of International Female Orgasm Day

And although we know in our book that every day is International Female Orgasm Day, on this day we want to raise awareness of female sexuality, because we have often been denied the right to do so. We are often taught that exploring our bodies or talking openly about sex is not good and is even something to be ashamed of. In many cultures and societies, sex is considered a taboo subject and is only discussed in hushed voices. This day offers an opportunity for both women and men to learn more about the pleasures of folding and today's main aim is to raise awareness about women's sexuality and encourage women to become more aware of their bodies and their right to sexual pleasure.

The orgasm gap

So Female Orgasm Day has been around for a while, but why does the orgasm gap still exist? Firstly, because one day a year is of course not enough to get to know our body and needs, this is an eternal process. But practice makes perfect! Incorporate masturbation into your self-care routine and spend time learning about your body and ultimately you will gain more insight into what your personal wishes, needs and desires are.

Moreover, we live in a society where there are some serious myths that need to be busted. These are mainly about the female orgasm and the anatomy of our sexual organ. Many men (and women) still don't know that the clitoris is the key to the female orgasm. Many people still don't know exactly where she is and how big she actually is.

Say it loud, say it proud: it's all about the clitoris!

But why is she almost always forgotten during sex? It's important that we don't think of penis-in-vagina sex as 'normal sex'. Because this is actually where things are already going wrong. Especially since more than half of women can't even come from penis-in-vagina sex. No, that damn clitoris stimulation is necessary. Penetrative sex alone is not enough!

That said, there are of course also women who do orgasm through penetration, but this happens because - as many people do not know - part of the clitoris surrounds the vaginal wall and can be stimulated by penetration. So also in this case: it's all about the clitoris!

Ladies, stop faking it!

Studies suggest that more than half of us fake an orgasm at some point. So we pretend to have fun, but we actually don't. That's really bad, isn't it? We've probably all done this at least once. Maybe because we were bored and wanted to get rid of it or because we feel guilty towards our partners and just pretend to enjoy it. Let's please stop this nonsense, stop fooling our partners and more importantly… stop fooling ourselves!


It's quite sad to realize that often only one partner really enjoys sex. Interestingly, when women masturbate, about 80% of women have an orgasm without any problems and women in homosexual relationships almost always achieve an orgasm!

This is because not only is it important for women to learn how their bodies work, it is also essential for men to learn more about the female orgasm and our anatomy. This will ensure that the orgasm gap can be closed and that we as women can also be sexually satisfied in heterosexual relationships, just as in homosexual relationships.

We therefore invite you to become aware of your own body on this day and all other 364 days. Getting to know yourself and discovering what your desires are and what you like and what you don't. Men also spend more time with your woman and learning about female pleasure and her desires and needs. Ask her what she needs and likes.


Your brain may be just as important as the clitoris for sexual arousal and the female orgasm. This is the place where your sexual stimuli come in and our desires are aroused. Without relaxation above that, achieving orgasm becomes very difficult. Don't worry if you don't yet feel like you are fully experiencing your sexuality. It's a long journey but a very fun one.

Fall in love with yourself first

The most important thing in life is you. Love yourself. Respect yourself. Know yourself. The most satisfying sexual relationship is with yourself. You are your most important lover and you know best how your body and mind work and what you need to be happy. Remember that your sexual pleasure is essential. No more 'Oh, I don't necessarily have to come'. No, stop that, you deserve it just as much as he does! Let's all try to become more sex positive and believe that our sexual pleasure is important. Start your journey to more and better orgasms today!

Happy International Female Orgasm Day

(And men (and women) don't forget to spoil your wife today and every other day)

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