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The phases of the orgasm

De fases van het orgasme - Yonifyer

The orgasm, the climax reached during the experience of sexual stimuli, a release of sexual tension in your body. A euphoric, warm feeling that can be felt throughout your body. For many people it is an important end goal of sex. And although it works faster in men than in women, there are different phases of arousal and together they form the arousal curve.

Phases of Orgasm - 1. Desire

1. Desire

This is the first phase. In this phase it is about wanting to have sex. Your body is exposed to sexual stimuli that can lead to arousal. This is a somewhat more individual phase, which mainly takes place in one's own head.

Phases of the ograsm - 2. the arousal

2. Excitement

Now that the desire is there, and the stimuli have been converted into excitement, this can be felt in the genital areas. There is more interaction with your sex partner and the sexual arousal increases even more. In this phase, the penis also becomes stiff, the vagina wet and the heart rate of both goes up. Your body is, as it were, prepared for sexual activity.

Phases of Orgasm - 3. plateau phase

3. Plateau

After excitement, the plateau phase follows. This is the phase that usually happens during sex, the great arousal and built-up tension that builds even further, which can stimulate an orgasm. This is also the phase that lasts the longest. Your body has higher levels of muscle contraction and blood flow due to the rise in sexual tension.

Phases of Orgasm - 4. The Orgasm

4. The Orgasm

With sufficient stimuli, the body eventually releases all accumulated stimuli in an expensive release of tension, whereby all muscles contract and a wonderful feeling is released: the orgasm. The orgasm comes on suddenly and involuntarily when the stimulation has reached its highest intensity. And unfortunately this is the shortest phase of the cycle, just a few seconds. How unfair!

Phases of the orgasm - 5. the recovery

5. Restore

After the orgasm follows a recovery phase. In this, all muscles relax, allowing the whole body to relax and the heart rate to return to normal. For women, the recovery period is shorter than for men, which means that women are often physically ready for round two!

You can see the progression in this image:

Phases of Orgasm - Arousal Curve

Research has shown that desire does not always just arise, but that it usually takes a sexual stimulus to arouse this desire.

Do you recognize yourself in the image above and do you always go through all the phases?

Discuss with your partner whether there is a difference in how you go through the different phases. Perhaps one of you has a phase that can be paid more attention to, so that both get their money's worth. Make it negotiable.



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