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12 different ways women can cum!🎆

12 verschillende manieren waarop vrouwen kunnen klaarkomen!🎆 - Yonifyer

Attention, attention: it's time to experiment! After all, there are 12 different ways women can get to the Big O and half the fun is discovering ways to get there!

Check out our cheat sheet as we've broken them all down and you might just discover a new way to climax .


1. The clitoral orgasm

This is the easiest way for many women to come. That is not surprising because no less than 9000 nerve endings come together at this spot. You can use your fingers or a special clitoral vibrator to stimulate that bump.


2. The G-spot orgasm

The G-spot orgasm can be achieved if the internal part of the clitoris is stimulated. The g-spot is nothing more than the part of the clitoris that surrounds the vaginal wall inside. This spot can be stimulated via the front wall of the vagina and is located at a depth of about 3 cm. Many women experience the g-spot orgasm as a sensation that can be felt throughout the body. To get a g-spot orgasm, most women need some practice. So don't worry if you haven't succeeded yet! There are special g-spot vibrators that make this easier for you.


3. The anal orgasm

It probably won't happen like 1-2-3, but it is certainly possible. It is of course also the question whether you want to try this, because anal is not for everyone. Many women have to get used to it slowly. Tip: lubricant is always a good idea.


4. The breast orgasm

Yup a nipple orgasm. Scientists have discovered that stimulation of the nipples activates the same area in your brain as stimulation of the vagina. So, try it out.


5. The oral or kissing orgasm

We all know that many people get very excited about a game of French kissing. But did you also know that there are apparently as many nerves in your lips as in your clitoris and nipples. This one requires some patience…but it is certainly possible for the go-getters.


6. The A-Spot Orgasm

Trust me, you're not the only one who hasn't heard of this. But the A-spot is somewhere deep inside the vagina. Even deeper than the G-spot, so if you have trouble with that then you have to look a little further for this one. Indirectly you actually stimulate the clitoris again, but then again via a different place so that the orgasm seems to feel different.


7. The Cervical Orgasm

Anyone who has paid attention during biology knows that the Cervix is ​​another word for the cervix. This spot is therefore deeper than the G-spot and even deeper than the A-spot. Be a little careful with this one, because this is not a nice feeling for all women. For some women, too deep penetration can be painful. So don't go too wild.


8. The U-spot orgasm

Here we come again with a new spot, which you probably have never heard of. You may have already felt it coming, but the U stands for urethra (urethra). Now this doesn't sound very exciting, but maybe if you know that the urethra is surrounded on three sides by the clitoris. Hmm, maybe interesting. The U-spot is stimulated by making circular movements around the pee hole. It is located between the clitoris and the vaginal opening.


9. The Zone Orgasm

We all have a sensitive spot that drives us wild when it is touched. For example, for many people these are the earlobes, thighs or neck. These places are called erogenous zones. These are areas of the human body that can arouse sexual feelings when touched. If you do your best, you can reach a climax by stimulating these special places. So now you just have to find out which zones these are for you.


10. The mental orgasm

Yes, did you know that your brain is the largest sex organ? Ever had a sex dream where you just had a really intense orgasm in your dream? Most likely, that actually happened. An orgasm, without any touch and only achieved with your brain. How handsome? And it also saves you a lot of effort.


11. The Mixed Orgasm

Struggling to come to an orgasm? Well then you have to work hard for this one. With this orgasm, several of the previous zones are stimulated, so that you get several types of orgasms at the same time. Wow.


12. Multiple Orgasm

This is when you come not 1, but preferably 2 or more times in a row. This can be done immediately after each other or with some time in between. The only way to achieve this rare phenomenon is practice, practice and practice. So get to work. But there are worse tasks, so that should work. And if you have ever succeeded…You are one lucky girl.

Remember that every body is different and not every orgasm in this list will work for every woman. But with some practice and experimentation you can go a long way!

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