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This is how you can have sex during your period - 7 TIPS


Zo kun je seks hebben tijdens je menstruatie - 7 TIPS - Yonifyer

For one really a no go and for the other completely normal. There is still a bit of a taboo on this subject, because there is a bit of shame around it and people think it is unhygienic. Yet three-quarters of the men indicate that they are also up for a love affair during this period. After all, a real man sails through the red sea, right?

Did you know that... menstrual blood is absolutely not unhygienic or harmful to the penis?

Here are our tips to keep it as tidy as possible:

  1. Put a (dark) towel on the bed.
    This way, in the event of any blood loss, the blood is collected and in this way it does not end up on your bedding. 
  2. Use a condom.
    This way the penis does not get covered in blood , and you can easily 'roll off' any blood from it afterwards. It is wise to use a condom anyway, because you can still get pregnant or contract an STI during your period. 
  3. Use the Beppy tampon sponge.
    This is a product that is becoming increasingly popular and used by many couples. The tampon sponge is a soft flexible sponge that you can insert into the vagina and leave in place during sex . This sponge collects the blood and will not be felt by the man. You have the Beppy sponges in different variants. For example, you have the 'wet' (wet) tampons that are moistened with vagina-friendly gel, to make insertion and insertion as easy and comfortable as possible. 
  4. Have sex in the shower.
    In addition to being sexy and energy-saving, the water can also help reduce your blood flow . The blood is also immediately flushed away, so that you are less aware that you are menstruating and you can enjoy the sex.
  5. Place a warm, wet washcloth or towel nearby.
    This way you can wipe any spots that may get blood during or after sex. You can also keep body wipes at hand, such as those from Dame products.
  6. Have sex in the right positions.
    The missionary position or spoon-spoon are suitable positions. If you as a woman are at the bottom, things will probably stay cleaner than if you are 'on-top'. 
  7. Do it during the lighter days.
    This is usually at the end of menstruation. Every woman knows approximately when she bleeds the least during her period. So if you want to make sure it doesn't get too messy, it's smart to schedule it on the days when you bleed the least. However, if it doesn't bother you or your partner if more blood flows, then it doesn't matter!
  8. Turn to alternative forms of sex , such as oral sex, anal sex, or non-penetrative sex.
    To minimize the mess, use a menstrual cup , birth control pad , or a tampon. Another advantage is that you can now focus advantageously on the clitoris and of course the woman can also satisfy her partner through manual or oral stimulation.

!!!ATTENTION: never have sex with a normal tampon. This can slide deeper and deeper through the impact and end up in the uterus, this can have nasty consequences!!

Let us know what you think about sex during menstruation in the comments below! 


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