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How should I rim or ass lick? Read our guide


Hoe moet ik rimmen of kontlikken? Lees onze gids - Yonifyer
Even the most unlikely body parts can provide intense pleasure when stimulated! Yes, of course we are talking about the anus. Because did you know that this spot is full of nerve endings, which makes it feel good when it is stimulated in the right way?

Stimulating the anus with the tongue is called: Rimming, also known as baffling or ass licking. Rimming therefore falls under both anal and oral sex.

Anyone can try it, but there are certain risks associated with this kind of pleasure. We will tell you exactly what it is, how to do it and what you should pay attention to‼️

What is rimming?

Ass eating or also known as anilingus , rimming , rimjob , ass licking or baffling is an oral and anal sexual act in which one person stimulates the anus of another by using the tongue and lips. It is also called anal-oral contact and anal-oral sex.

The anus is more sensitive than most people think. There are many nerve endings in the anus. This place is also very intimate, which can make rimming extra exciting.

Why would you want to rim?

  • Because it is nice for your partner. The anus is a part of the body where many nerve endings from the erogenous zones come together. Stimulating this can be experienced as pleasant.

  • In preparation for anal sex. By stimulating the anus with the tongue, it relaxes better. A relaxed anus is easier to penetrate. It is advisable to also use lubricant for this.

*Allowing rimming is not an automatic agreement to have anal sex afterwards. You don't have to have anal sex if you don't want to.

What should you pay attention to?

Cleanliness is a very important part of rimming. For both the ick factor and to prevent the spread of bacteria. These bacteria can make you sick or cause vaginal infections.
STDs. Rimming can also transmit sexually transmitted diseases.
The change between anus and vagina/penis. Bacteria from the anus should never come into contact with the vagina or penis. These bacteria can otherwise cause nasty infections.


  1. Communication. Do not suddenly put your tongue in his/her anus without consulting him. Indicate in advance that this is something you want to do and ask if he/she is okay with this.
  2. Good preparation. Make sure that the anus is clean beforehand. You don't want to scare anyone off or make them sick. You can clean the anus in the shower with water and possibly with a little intimate soap. You can also use an anal shower beforehand.
  3. Choose the right position. Position 69, Doggystyle, Pisces and Yin-Yang are positions where you can most easily stimulate the anus with the tongue.
  4. Just lick it. Start slowly and work your way towards the anus. Gentle, light licks and kisses of the thighs and perineum are a good place to start. Furthermore, use long, slow licks with a flat tongue against the anus. Experiment with your tongue between soft and harder tongue and try different directions and levels of pressure. Gently penetrate here and there with your tongue. And use a lot of saliva.
  5. After care. It is almost as important to end with good hygiene in addition to starting with good hygiene. This prevents bacteria from spreading.


  • Make room. To be able to reach everything easily, it is a good idea to spread your partner's buttocks apart, so that you do not have to press half your face between his or her buttocks (unless you like this of course).
  • Also use your hands to play with your partner's nipples, rub her clitoris, finger her, steal the body, squeeze the buttocks or gently caress the scrotum or his penis.
  • Use your breath. Hot breath against the skin can be very exciting and stimulating on the inner thighs and buttocks. Tease your partner with this.
  • Use lubricant to enhance the experience and especially if anal sex is also on the agenda afterwards. Flavored lubes can make things even tastier.

Things to consider:

Should I use a condom?

  • Yes, because it serves as protection and can prevent the risk of infections and STDs. It is also nice for people who still find direct contact a bit uncomfortable. For example, you can use a mouth pad or tongue condom.
  • But no, if you are 100% sure that you are STD-free and the anus is clean, then you can bet that it is not necessary.

Should I shave yes or no? That's completely up to you.


  • The less hair between the butt, the more intense the stimulation.
  • Cleanliness. Easy to clean/be. Leftover toilet paper, unpleasant odors or even feces can quickly become stuck on it.
  • It can make you feel more confident about what it all looks like there. This way you can feel more relaxed and enjoy the experience more without obstructive thoughts.
  • Skin irritations. With any hair removal method there is a risk of skin irritation, especially in such a delicate area. Ingrown hairs. That can literally be a 'pain-in-the-ass'.
  • Risk of infection. Every time your skin is exposed to irritation or injury (e.g. through hair removal) there is a risk of infection.

Should I use an enema beforehand? That's completely up to you.

The idea that your anal cavity is completely free of feces and bacteria can give you confidence about the situation. And this in turn boosts your pleasure.

There is a risk of cracks and infections. Using enemas regularly can disrupt the intestines and digestive tract.

When is it better not to do it?

As fun as rimming can be, there are certainly times when skipping the activity is the best choice.

Avoid rimming if your partner is experiencing any of the following: gas, bleeding, diarrhea, open sores, digestive infections, cold sores, constipation, or erections.

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