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The Oh Collective - Turn Me On | Massage Candle & Gua Sha Stone | Vetiver & Bergamot

The Oh Collective - Turn Me On | Massage Candle & Gua Sha Stone | Vetiver & Bergamot

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The Oh Collective "Turn Me On" massage candle with Gua Sha massage stone is inspired by the inner need to enjoy the moment more and find relaxation in your relationships with yourself and your partner

Did you know that through touch you experience less stress, more intimacy, a better mood, more effective communication and better overall physical health? In a world full of distractions, busy schedules and digital communication, we invite you to (re)experience the sensation of touch.

Gua Sha Stone: Asian Wellness Traditions

Based on Asian wellness traditions, this massage candle comes with a complementary Gua Sha massage stone of opal - the perfect tool to enhance bodily sensations. The cooling effect of the Gua Sha massage stone is a heavenly combination with warm massage oil: combined with the pressure of the massage stone, the above sensations activate your creativity, sensuality and relaxation.

Massage Candle Ingredients

Vetiver is a natural aphrodisiac that controls sensual desire and an amazing ability to calm the mind. With a touch of relaxing ethereal Bergamot oil, this 100% natural blend of soy and coconut waxes will sink you into a world of heavenly romance.

Burn the massage candle for about 10-20 minutes for one massage session. Blow out the candle and use gentle circular motions to massage the oil onto the skin. Use the gua sha massage stone to enhance bodily sensations and activate creativity and imagination.

Vetiver essential oil is a natural aphrodisiac that stimulates sensual desire and calms the mind. Bergamot essential oil enhances romantic feelings

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