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Nyx - Lace Lingerie Set

Nyx - Lace Lingerie Set

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Nyx - Lace Lingerie Set from Yonifyer

Do you like beautiful lingerie that emphasizes your femininity? Then the Nyx - Lace Lingerie Set from Yonifyer is really something for you! This beautiful set consists of a bra, thong and suspenders and is made of soft and delicate lace with beautiful embroidery.

The Nyx - Lace Lingerie Set has a seductively playful appearance that is perfect to surprise your partner or simply to pamper yourself. The floral embroidery provides a romantic look and the elastic material ensures that the set feels comfortable and fits nicely on your body.

Luxury set with chain garters

What makes this lingerie set extra special are the chain garters. These details give the Nyx set a touch of extra glamor and provide a sensual look. The suspender is decorated with cute ruffles, which adds a playful element to the set.

The bra has soft cups with underwire for extra support and a beautiful shape. The adjustable straps ensure that you can adjust the set perfectly to your body. Whether you have a small or large cup size, this bra will always fit comfortably.

Who is this lingerie set for?

The Nyx - Lace Lingerie Set is suitable for women who want to feel feminine and sensual. Whether you wear it to seduce your partner or just because you want to pamper yourself, this set is sure to impress.

Whether you have a special occasion or just want to shine every day, the Nyx - Lace Lingerie Set will give you the confidence you need. The delicate lace and floral embroidery create a romantic atmosphere and make every woman look beautiful.


With the Nyx - Lace Lingerie Set from Yonifyer you get a beautiful and luxurious lingerie set. The combination of the delicate lace, the floral embroidery and the chain garters creates a feminine sensual look that no one can resist.

So what are you waiting for? Give yourself a boost of self-confidence and feel sexy with the Nyx - Lace Lingerie Set!

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